Who is Gabriela?

My name is Gabriela Passos. I’m a Brazilian pastry chef, passionate about desserts and all things gastronomy.

I’m a creative and detail-oriented person and I love to connect with people – especially around food!

My love of cooking and my flair for business go back to my childhood. When I was just eight years old, I was making my own chocolates and pãos de queijo (cheese balls, a signature Brazilian snack) and selling them on the sidewalk in front of my house.

So much has happened since then, and I followed other paths. I studied law and worked as a lawyer for several years. And yet my passion for baking never left me. That’s why I decided to change careers, to become who I am today: a professional pastry chef who is totally in love with her craft.

My first client was my great-grandmother. She often told me that in paradise, I’d be able to eat all the sweets imaginable. Her name was Dulce – a word that just so happens to also mean “sweet” in Latin!

As a tribute to her, I decided to name my first dessert shop Dulce Paradise. And today, it is with great pride and much love that I invite you to come and discover my country’s many marvelous sweets!