How to place an order

To order one of our classic cakes, desserts or brigadeiros, please contact us by phone at

For custom cake orders, please send us an email, making sure to include at least one picture of the type of cake you’d like. We need this reference to prepare your quote. If you need inspiration, please take a look at the photo albums on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

We can make a big difference in your special events. Please contact us for more details about the different options we offer for weddings, corporate gifts and other special events.

Please note that Fridays and Saturdays are our busiest days. As such, we may take a slightly longer time to respond to your messages.

All our cakes are custom-made to guarantee their freshness and quality. Given that we are a small business with limited capacity to fill orders, we recommend that you contact us at least two weeks in advance to guarantee that your order can be prepared in time.

Don’t be shy! It’s never too early to place your cake order.

PORTIONS: For custom cakes, the minimal size is 8 portions. For cupcakes, the minimum quantity is 12 units.

PRICES: Because each order is custom-made, we provide price estimates based on each request. Please contact us for all quote requests.